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Ulukou Enterprises LLC

Administrative Management Consulting Service: As a service disabled Veteran (SDVOSB) and a native Hawaiian, he has surrounded himself with efficient and qualified veterans and civilian companies.  He works with a lot of small business entities that have great products and services and ready to promote what the VA is needing.

Bonaparte Karratti (Bo) specializes in bringing the best products and services to the market to sell on behalf of the Small Business Entities that are providing their products and services to the VA, Military or Civilian sectors for Ulukou Enterprises LLC.

Product Partnerships:

PPE Supply Products

Our line of FDA approved products include:

Nitrile examination gloves, N95 masks, Surgical masks, Gowns – level 1 – 4, and a much more. We represent our product to the user directly from the manufacturing plants to give you the very best prices int the industry, and shipped (after SGS inspection) to port in Long Beach CA, for your convenience.


Medical collection for human specimen and urine samples with less contamination.

Which yields near a 100% pure collection for the tests that is needed for:  stool blood, stool, Stool O&P, Urnialysis, Urine pregnancy and Urine Toxicology.

Contruction Materials

Polymortar- 40% Energy Savings, Zero waste of materials, less water, reduce labor by 40%, ready to use, more resistance to compression than traditional mortar, eliminates the use of cement mixers.

Portable Solar Battery Energy

We provide highly mobile, portable solar generators and turn-key design build solutions for both grid tied and off-grid solar; including electronic controls and battery storage systems.

We have implemented grid tied and off-grid solar systems, using custom design, engineering and build to specifications.

Service Partnerships:

Remediation Services

Asbestos abatement, Asbestos Testing, Mold Radiation, mold testing, Lead based Paint (LBP) abatemnet, Flood Response, and demolition

247 Physician on call

For non-emergency care…

A convenient way to access medical CARE when you need it most.

To curb the health care crisis in the U.S. we can have efficient service

24 hours 7 days a week with HIPAA Verified physicians.